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EP.129 “We Go Back 1960’s #2” Griffinheart’s “Old Time Radio Medicine Show” Live Performance Radio Americana-Country Unique Renditions-Acoustic Country Covers Top 40 Best Hits-Popular Songs by Famous Artists-New-Releases 2016-Originals-Classics-Oldies-Duets-Sad Love Songs & Funny Country Songs & Music! CAUTION HILARITY,TEARS & OTHER SEVERE EMOTIONAL RESPONSES MAY ENSUE IF YOU HANG IN PAST WARM UP! Live Performance Radio-Video Webcast-Twice Weekly Series So…Kick Back And Chill Out ! . To “The Singing Djs” Health & Wellness Section (Optional) How to be Happy? Here is a Formula/Checklist for Happiness based on Neuroscience and the actual demands of your brain. As far as I know it is the only one of it’s kind, actually connecting the key areas of our life to the brain chemistry responsible for Happiness A Management System for Modern Life. Taking control and managing these areas of your life should have a very positive effect. P.D.P.O.L.S – Life Management System and Checklist Notes 1) A good, albeit clinical, meaning of life for all living things is: Survival, Procreation and Evolution. 2) Some determining factors may be: Self knowledge, Objectivity, Conscientiousness, Pragmatism, Perserverance, Empathy, Altruism, Gratitude… 3) Happiness Is generally defined as Contentment or Satisfaction I’m going to extend it a little and say: A general state of satisfaction with the present, and a hopeful expectation of the future. 4) Sometimes in life we just get used to things that are having ill effects on us and we don’t really know how profound the effect was until it has been dealt with. 5) P,D,P,O,L,S. Life Management System and Checklist. These are your areas for Life Management. Their origin is in your DNA. Your brain demands these things as they are the prerequisites to your survival and evolution. We can and do deny these things: at different levels, at different times, and for different reasons usually, insufficiently scrutinized “Belief Systems”. You can do this, but your brain will react with a brain chemistry not conducive to happiness. This is where the brain may fill in and cause some degree of obsessive behaviour toward primal needs ie Food-Shelter-Clothing,Sex,Alcohol,Drugs etc.in order to achieve a more natural state of satisfaction. When an area is out of line your brain demands you deal with it. Your brain is not unreasonable, it does not expect total fulfillment in each area as it would probably interpret that as non evolutionary. It only demands that you are working on them and therefore evolving. You are the master of your fate. It’s all good news! P.D.P.O.L.S A Checklist For The Life Management System P…Purpose and Meaning in Life (See Notes) D…Development (Your brain absolutely demands you keep making new connections. Boredom equals anxiety. If that anxiety is not burnt off you will have commensurate depression. P…Pie (As in your piece of…the more correct word here would be fairplay but it is not as good for songs and doesnt play into an upcoming project from Griffinheart, about getting your fair share). O…Order (Organize something in your life that is messed up and see how you feel…Voila! Your brain interprets disorganization as threatening to your survival so it turns on some degree of fight or flight juice, ie Anxiety. If you don’t react and fight or flight (ie. run like hell or pump some iron!) the juice backs up in your system and you will get a commensurate degree of depression. Anxiety not burnt off, always leads to a commensurate degree of depression. In a sick society filled with imposed unnatural anxieties that aren’t burnt off, you have an epidemic of mainly low grade chronic sadness and depression. PDPOLS is magical for creation of an overall sense of Order. Your taking control. Thats better for Survival, Procreation and Evolution. Your brain likes that. It will reward you! L…Love (affection of all kinds…dogs are good !. Society’s harshest punishment ISOLATION ! S…Sync (Synchronization with Mother Nature is the Catch-All, at the end. If you develop a kind of Paleo way of looking at your behaviours it will simplify the management of this area. Evolution is slow it doesn’t leap because some unscrupulous and misinformed people use Science and Technology to extract money from you! You just cannot screw with this woman she is a Shit Kickin Hard Ass Red Neck Woman – You just can’t mess with her or yer gonna pay BIGTIME ! Well there ya be. The elusive, “Secret To Happiness” Legal: All Copyright, Patent, Trade Secret, Intellectual Property Rights or the like are the property of Edward Joseph Forsyth Griffin. Vancouver B.C. Canada

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