A Day in the Life of a Health Coach

(pleasant music) I’m Maria Marlowe, I graduated from IIN in 2012 and I now have a full time health coaching practice and wellness blog. Every day I wake up energized and excited to start my day. I make my smoothie every morning which I love and I drink it as a check my emails. I usually fit a yoga class in there somewhere or a barre class when I can. I usually have a few one-on-one clients during the day so I’ll talk with them either via Skype or in person. I usually make recopies for the blog, I post a recipe each week so I’m always cooking new recipes. And then in the evening I teach group classes. Either cooking classes or group health coaching classes.

So I’ll either do that in person or online. (pleasant music) I’m hosting an event at a local fitness studio called Detox without the Deprivation and it’s essentially just a talk about the importance of detoxing your entire life, not just going a short three or five day choose fast, but really detoxing your life 365 days a year. So it’s a lot of fun, I’ve talked there many times before and I’m sure I’ll talk there many times again.

Going through the IIN curriculum I realized that one of the best ways to really spread the word about health and nutrition is doing public speaking and it’s something that I love. And IIN really gave me the confidence to start doing it. You know, speaking about wellness, speaking about health as if I’m the expert, which I am now. Going from a career in finance to becoming a health coach was definitely a little scary at first. I had decided, though, that finance was something that I knew I did not want. I knew I wanted to be happy I knew I needed to do something that was gonna fulfill me, mind, body, spirit. But know, going forward I wanna do even more. I wanna write books, I wanna do more prestigious speaking engagements, I want to travel more, I wanna do retreats.

So there’s just so many things that I wanna do and I feel like IIN is really the one that lit that fire and is kind of, you know pushing me through. (pleasant music).

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