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Welcome to your indoor, no equipment needed, cardio, workout, I’m Jessica Smith, and all be your trainer and here’s how this works. I set this up so that you get a rained out, run or you’re sick of the boring treadmill. You can do your cardio anytime anywhere, so we’re going to be doing three rounds of moves if you have 15 minutes to workout today, you’ll do the rounds once through. You want to do a 30 minute. Cardio routine do the Realms twice through and if you want to go for a full 45 minutes, do all three rounds three times through in total I’ll, be breaking down the moves for you. So you know exactly what to do and then, when you’re ready, you can go ahead and do the workout and whatever time you have so, if you’re ready to get started, let’s get to it. This is you’re down down up up movement, so we’re going to begin with hip-width apart and you’re, going to step your back leg back behind you bringing this hand to the poor’s. You come down step your front leg. Back, bring this hand a full plank position down again now, set that back forward, pick up your hand and stand all the way back up to do with me. Slowly come down now! That’S your move! You’Re going to do one minute with this link, leaving absolutely as you can and then switch doing one minute with this leg: moving ready: let’s try it up to tempo, so our next movement we’re using markers for so I’ve got two plastic fillings here you can use Water bottles instead set it dumbbell up on its side or you can just imagine and toss them there we’re to a lateral shuffle and then a lateral space, so first the lateral, shuffle you’re going to reach down to that home shuffle over to the other side. So you just pushing off your feet reaching towards your cover, your marker tapping it down as low. So we do one minute just like that as clear as we can. Next, we have our lateral theater, so we’re going to increase the intensity for the by adding a little push off and taking the one leg down towards the cone. Your opposite hand reaches your cone order. Marcus you’re going to push off is fast. You can for one and that’s your lateral side shuffle, and this is your butterfly’s power swap. So this is a very powerful effort, begin with your people with Department reach both arms out in front of you, you’re, going to sit that into a squat position. Arms behind your than I want you to jump up, reach and circle. Your arms over you, like you’re, doing a butterfly stroke you’re going to try that as many times the row as you can as quickly as you can for one minute start a mutt, squash and gland in that spot, softly as possible, ready. Let’S try it together, hands out deep breath in and here we go, that’s your butterfly power spot. This is your figure. Eight run so you’re going to use two markers cones dumbbell a towel paper plate, whatever you have handy just to give you a little marking place, run around you’re going to space them so that they’re in one straight line about three feet. Apart from each other, and just like it sounds, you can make reiterate, as you run around those two markers so once you just run first, you go forward, then you’re going to go backwards stage, one size so moving with one side of your body. First, for one full minute going as quickly as you can to build agility and coordination for the second minute, we’re going to reverse it and leave the other side body keep looking down at those markers to make sure that’s your figure. Eight run. This is your hijack. Lojack countdown so for this move, you’re going to set your timer for two minutes and we’re going to start by counting down from an eight, so you’re going to do a hijack, which is just a standing, jumping jack eight times in a row then from here wants You to squat yourself down to the floor because you can turn your shoulders jump your feet back behind you and do a toga eight times here. We leave young your feet back in and go back to your hijack, but this time do seven come down and you’re set you’re going to count all the way back down from eight try as many as you can in a row for that pool two-minute period. If you get them all done before, the two minutes is up. You can start again at that meat cow comes down. That’S your high low jet! This is your lateral burpees, so for this boom we’re going to come down with the hands or the shoulders bending starting on the balls of the feet, jump your feet back and out to the side, now keep the weight of my arms extending the legs landing on The balls two feet then jump the feet back in underneath your hips and jump out to the other side out again so you’re going to do that weakness you can for 1min. Here we go make sure to keep your weight in your arms, so those feet and legs are free to move in and out very quickly. That was your lat over me. This is your side switch and reach move you’re, going to start standing with your feet about hip width apart, you just go. Switching one group together, I reaches right hand, push up and reach down to get you I’m here ready. Let’S give it a try if you’re able to you can reach all the way, my top of your gear do that as quickly as you can. This is your climber up climber down movement, so you’re, going to start sanding and you’re, going to run in place, bring your knees up as tight again for eight counts. Looks like this. Then, once you squat down bring your hands under your shoulders, jump your feet back and you on your knees and close to your chest. As you can jump your feet back and stand up and repeat it. Eight counts running up: he counts, running down and competed as many times as you can for two full minutes. These are your squat up and over jumps. So this is the high-intensity move really designed to spike your heart rate way up so you’re going to be moving side to side, make sure you have a little bit of space to move from one direction together. You’Ll start in a squat position with your feet. Hip-Width apart sit back into your gifts, reach your arms across the outside of your leg. Don’T want you to jump to the side and swing your arms overhead so that you land them to the other side of your body, looks like this you’re going up and over as many times as you can for one full minute ready. Let’S try it. That was your squat up and over just and now to cool down and catch. Your breath, which is you need to do, just, spend two minutes walking or marching in place, taking some deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth, just to calm your body down and wrap up your workout, you

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