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Today’s world is very fast the design of the dress which is in today may not be seen in the market after a month or after two months. People wear those clothes which fit to their body and look good on them one of the more important factor than these two is, clothes which one wear should be unique. One of the most current trend in the clothing markets is to make the customize dress. People of the high society design their clothes from the well known designer just because to look different from other in the get together.

Now the dress is not only limited to the jeans and the shirts but one more addition is made recently in the dressing which is something made of cotton look like the cloth and rounded around the neck of the people. The clothes designs by the specialists are very expensive just because of their different designs. Clothes are now the status symbol. People judge the personality of others by the dress he or she wears. Fashion of clothes not remains constant just because of the innovative designers. The fashion of the clothing varies from the region to region and also differs according to the choice of the people.

The fashion of wearing the clothes in the Middle East may to be liked in the Europe because the tradition and the living style of the European people are different from the Arabian countries. The famous designers are also like the cultural item because the designer who is famous somewhere in Europe is not in the other parts of the world even he or she may not be famous in other countries of the Europe.
Fashionable clothes are as important as the fashionable hairs. Dresses are also important because people look quite good and beautiful in the clothes which fitted on them. Many world famous brands are in the market of the clothes which sell the fashionable clothes. These brands satisfy the need of their customer but they have one drop back that is they design and make one dress for all who want to buy those articles so that the desire of those people which want to look unique can’t be fulfill.

The clothing is also necessary for the giving the first impact on those who see you for the very first time. A dress gives the uniqueness to the personality and it is true that some color look good on the some personalities. Dressing up is the art which defines the personality of the people. People choose clothes in different types of colors just because they want to wear the dresses of those colors. Fashionable clothing is now the desire of the people because this is also the physiological need of the people. People earn to look unique and beautiful and clothing is one of the elements through which they can satisfy these need of their selves.

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