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If you think you can’t listen to any music online for free, internet radio proves you wrong!Streaming radio offers you the music you love, without all of the fees to go with it.

Streaming radio websites offer a collection of real radio stations from around the world.  You can search by genre or location to find a station that’s perfect for you.Once you log on, you get to listen to actual stations–with real DJ’s, real playlists,real commercials, and even real weather and traffic updates.  It’s just like listening to the radio in your car or at work–only the signal comes through your computer,instead of over the air.

With streaming radio, you can listen to virtually any type of music from anywhere in the world.Want to listen to country music straight out of Nashville?  There is a station for that!Want to listen to polka music right out of Berlin?There is a station for that, too!

And,streaming radio doesn’t just offer FM stations.You can find a variety of AM stations, too.That way, you can listen to your favorite talk radioshows,without worrying about the static that all-too-commonly plagues traditional AM stations.

You can even use free internet radio to tune into talk radio shows that you can’t get in your neck of the woods.If,for example,you’re a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan – but you live in Detroit–you can find a streaming radio station that offers the latest talk radio about the Cowboys. With streaming radio,you’re not bound by geography anymore!

Or, maybe you just don’t like the music that your local radio stations play.After all,with only 4 or 5 choices, the odds of you finding a local station that you absolutely love are small.But with free internet radio, you can pick and choose from thousands of radio stations – whether you love country music, Jazz, or classic rock.

And, of course, the best perk is that free internet radio really is free!

Lots of online services say they offer free music.However, most of it is randomly selected by a computer, and you can only listen for a limited time every month.But with free internet radio,free means free.You won’t ever be asked to sign up for an email list, be surprised with hidden fees, or deal with listening limits.You simply get to enjoy the music you love, with no strings attached!

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