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Yes, as the title would imply, I’m referring to Psychopathic Records’ annual Gathering of the Juggalos. It is one of several big music fests that takes place across the country during months when the cold doesn’t force all outdoor music listening inside, but it is the only big music fest that is geared specifically towards Juggalo music. Juggalo music, to be more specific, falls into the genre of horror rap for the most part, which just so happens to be the genre of music that Psychopathic Records’ specializes in.


However, even when you take away the Juggalo music factor, there are many elements to Psychopathic Records’ big music fest that make it more appealing than the dozens of other big music fests that happen each and every year. Continue reading to see the most important.


Many refer to Bonnaroo music and arts festival as the granddaddy of the big music fest resurgence, as it stepped up to fill the music festival void in the late 90s, and has been legendary ever since. A similar but lesser argument can be made for Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc., but even though it’s fun to enjoy all the most popular bands in an enormous setting with thousands of other people, none will never be able to emulate the family vibe that Psychopathic Records’ big music fest has going for it.


In fact, it’s probably safe to say that this family vibe created by Juggalos coming together for Juggalo music at Psychopathic Records’ GOTJ will never be mimicked elsewhere for the simple fact that music at other big music fests is too diverse. Juggalo music, as it is so kindly labeled, is branded with that title for a reason – Juggalos can connect with it, and appreciate listening to it in each other’s company.


The big music fests listed above are large and in charge simply because of the artists they book. Almost all are mainstream entities, and it’s probably safe to say that you’ll never see a Psychopathic Records artist in any of those lineups. However, the same cannot be said with utmost confidence in the reverse scenario.


How does that make sense? Why is it that popular artists Bobby Brown or Vanilla Ice that has nothing to do with Juggalo music or Psychopathic Records would be included at the GOTJ big music fest?


The answer lies in the inaudible: because these musicians embody the same mainstream misunderstanding that Juggalos, ICP, and Psychopathic Records all deal with every day! They’re to be welcomed into the family with open arms strictly because they receive the media’s wrath just like ICP, and understand what it’s like to be misunderstood. Juggalo music, therefore, is more than just the sound coming through your headphones – it goes deeper than that! 

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