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A good product solves a nagging problem. A great product solves a nagging problem common to most people at a affordable price. Sleep headphones is just such a product! Sleep headphones are simply a nice soft headband with slim speakers woven into them with a common mini jack cord that fits into any audio device.

This product is promoted as a sleep aid. Many of us are frustrated by not being able to get to sleep when we want or being able to sleep well throughout the night. It is well know that soothing music or nature sounds can help relax your mind and help you sleep easy. The problem is how to create a controlled environment in which to listen peacefully. For example, what if your spouse loves David Letterman on TV every night when your need to get to sleep.

Or perhaps your spouse snores or doesn’t want to listen to your music. Well of course the next idea is to where headphones to bed so you can block out unwanted sounds and listen to your sleep music. But the problem is those traditional head phones get uncomfortable real quick: Especially if you like sleeping on your side like I do.

Sleep headphones solves this problem wonderfully. They can easily be worn in bed comfortable as long as you want. The head band is make from super soft fleece and the speakers, which are removable, are imbedded on each side. The head band can be worm with the cord coming down one side or the other; or in back. Also many users have discovered pulling the headband down over the eyes to block out light as well as unwanted sound (for example, your spouse likes reading in bed).

A company called Sleepphones calls them, “Pajamas For Your Ears,” which is a perfect description. Hear are some of the features and benefits to SleepPhones.


Get to sleep quickly and naturally without medication

Block unwanted external sounds like busy street, TV etc.

Choose specific sounds that help you sleep.


Super comfortable to sleep in

Cleanliness. Speakers can be removed and headband cleaned in washing machine.

Made from environmentally safe materials

Sleep headphones come in various colors and sizes: Black, gray, and lavender; small, medium and large. Also, now the company has produced RunPhones made especially for runners, or any outdoor activities when you want to listen to music securely.

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