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Inspire budding fashion designers to create their own looks by adding some historical relevance to games. Fashion history doesn’t have to be boring. Most of the looks of the past have been re-imagined to fit in with the culture of the present day. Find out what fashion games will allow girls to learn more about the fashion’s past and give them a spring board for thinking about design.
Making the Connections
Cut out some pictures from magazines of fashion pioneers like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Bob Mackie. Choose pictures that showcase their signature styles. Ask girls to pull from their closets or find clothes in contemporary magazines that reflect influences from these designs. Coco Chanel was renown for taking the restrictive clothing of the 1920s and making them more comfortable for women. She designed classic pants and dress suits made famous for ther expert fabrics and tailored designs. Girls can see her influence in dress pants and dress jackets. You can even have kids make her iconic brand with felt fabric to sew onto jackets. Bob Mackie is known for his sequined evening gowns and outrageous outfits made for celebrities. Dresses adorned with shiny sequins can be used as examples of fashions he might create.
Dress Up Celebrities
Most famous fashion designers at one time another have dressed celebrities for a red carpet event. Have girls choose a most loved celebrity to dress like. Find pictures in magazines or watch celebrity news programs for inspiration. In addition to dressing like their favorite celebrity, they can also play a game involving what their celebrity should wear. Ask them to design an outfit that they feel would better suit a person’s style or personality. Host a “walk down the red carpet event” with a red rug or fabric for them to flaunt their styles.
Play Fashion Designer
Fashion designers typically sketch designs. Have girls choose clothes to draw and create outfits. This can give them a good idea of how to put outfits together and provides a brief introduction on tailoring. Dress up in the outfit on the sketch and compare. Playing dress up games can impart important creative and problem solving skills in girls. It also allows them to wear their own fashions and create their own signature looks.

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