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top new sitcom knowledge for all ages welcome Arnel to talk music what’s the best way to get rid of belly fat well obviously you must be a guy when you ask a question like that because usually women would say how do i improve my outer thigh Omega thigh their flabby or the back of the arms of flabby or how can I make sure that my breasts have been becoming a bit more firm and then they will go to the stomach but guys I see a guy I just saw a guy the other day go to gym a old friend of mine who always was bus cooler you know something did not 20 years later I’ve seen it for the first time again it was still nice color but all of a sudden here the gut sticking up in here it literally looks like he was eight months pregnant but everything else the calves the thighs the arms they’re easily trained was too muscular so it was only the stomach because that’s where guys get attacked it’s a stomach so it’s the simple rule is whenever you eat fattening foods well you get order the metabolism slows down where does it go first with a guy because through the stomach but also when you now go on a diet the first place that it leaves is the stomach so there is really no specific diet for the stomach it’s just in general you want to lose body fat the body fat maybe is in 15% you want to get it down to 12% of the 10% the way to do that is is by burning more calories every day then you eat so what you want to do is let’s say to take 2,000 an umber to you will to go and have 2,000 calories you eat every day but burn off 2500 calories today and now you have a negative of 500 and every day you wish that slowly going down with the body weighted down with the body fat in the first place where you go is at the stomach so you to your stomach exercises at the same time your crunches remember 200 crunches every day is it must you should limit start the day without doing 200 crunches when you get out of bed and then he do some cinnamon some leg raises some twists and all those kind of things to some by seeking obviously some cardiovascular work but also broke up with the weights that is how you get to stomach down and then of course don’t forget to do the vacuum practice the vacuum so tip in you I’m gonna stand up right now you stand like this and you hoarded like that 15 seconds 3 times 15 seconds in now your brain starts remembering Oh one of the functions that have is porting the stomach in but leading the book letting it hang out but that putting it in controlling it as much as you practice everyday sitting standing across against the wall that it makes me reminds you always intervenes the back that he got to keep it back straight rather than slouching down like so many guys to when they get to be like 40 45 over said they walk around like that they can beat dogs I hate that look so forget about that sustain against the wall everyday and just practice and keep your head back your chest out and stand like this for five minutes it reminds the head the brain that it has to keep you straight all day the same is with the stomach always it keeps you always pouring in the stomach and it minded nope it just let it out and be out of control what was your best squat Epis what was about 575 but like I said many times I went up to 550 but they’re very relevant to serve 575 but it was my best I would also say at the same time that squat was never made number one strength I did not have Lake length and the red proportions were really doing being a good squatter so I was struggling much what I was spending forward much more I was having to put the block underneath my heels to keep straight to keep the body straight I remember that Franco Columbu he had the perfect body for squat so Kent wall I had the perfect body surgery liver they aren’t like a really great body a perfect bone structure for squats I never did that but I did it I did my ten cents of squats and I did a lot of front squats I had the bar coming across here and at my arms here holding the bar keeping the elbows up high and then just looking up and going down because they kept my position my body pretty straight so I did then a lot of times but in the squat is just a very important exercise it’s like deadlift and benchpress and the growing bent over rowing and dumbbell flies and barbell curls there’s all basic exercises that you need to do so I was a fanatic about squat squats because they used to train with people like Frank of the galoot squatters to inspire me I’m a 35 year old who just started strength training for the first time in my life do you have any advice for a late beginner well the first advice that would be abused is not the same make the same mistake I made I went to a weightlifting gym and I asked the guys to train me and then they trained me for two hours which was way too much but I think this was their way of kind of like having fun with me I was 15 years old and because champions done this weightlifting Club just say do try to do this exercise and you got to do this exercise and you gotta tie this into 5 sets into 10 reps and do 15 reps and orders and so then when I was finished I remember I was driving home with the bicycle that was riding around the half an hour 45 minutes everything was dandy and fine but then over 7 I had none were feeling in my hands absolutely the feelings ones that went awry and it was gone and all of a sudden landed in the ditch and wiped out did the bicycle because they don’t know how to hold on to the bar and in then and you feel it in my my hands and then all of a sudden the legs gave out so I was like walking home they totally wobbly and it was disastrous and the next day I was so sore everywhere there was the wrong way to stop so what I would do is the simplest to no more than 3 sets a body part there’s no hurry we’ve done it all these years without it so now just slowly start to 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise three sets of curls three sets of tire triceps extensions three sets of shoulder press three sets of squats everything’s reset and then let it be and it’s slowly Brooke up there from there and then as soon as you start detecting that there’s certain areas that you develop really well because of genetics and other areas that you won’t develop well that they’re falling behind they didn’t know how to make the adjustment to do training but you keep doing this resets with the body parts that grow really well but you know increase to five sets apart about the six sets do those body parts that don’t grow so well that the falling behind I’ll make the adjustments that’s why I always say everyone cannot train the same training routine because everyone has a different body everyone does different needs how long do you usually ride a bicycle hey you know there’s really no usual I would say no more than an hour I would say the average is around an hour and work out between 45 minutes a day so this like an hour and 45 minutes and sometimes and do some extra work stretching exercises or some ab exercises and stuff like that and then there are occasions like when I’m up in Sun Valley where I write maybe two hours or two and a half hours but I would say I’m not one of those fanatics that has to be in the bike all day long like some people do I am happy I’ve been an hour workout to really you know kind of put some stress on it on my heart and on the cardiovascular system and also to put some pressure my legs the really go go go and then casually ride again and then go go go and be deadly really hard I think it’s great and it really straight from a head also I really feel great after a great bike ride did you ever do any strongman training like the stones or the farmer carries I worked part of my bodybuilding training was powerlifting so we did strongman this stuff but they did not delete the stone lifting there was a stone lifting in beauty but they didn’t really trained for it because they’d stone or that cement block it was really they went to 580 pounds it wasn’t really available over here so they will bring it out at your best and then they would be thirty days so you can be deserted days you can come here and you can be the day’s champion and they would register you and we’ll write it down you get listed as one of the champions of the day and then on the end of the month all the 30 champions of this the offer each day the champions they come together this one day they could beat against each other so bits and then that stone goes away again so he can’t really train me that only alone but I mean we would do you know lifting heavy lifting power lifting and stuff like that but I wouldn’t say I did any of the traditional strong and stuff Rex growing tires and his role involves do they I notice of I never did any of that what was your worst injury I think the worst injury that I’ve ever had was my knee too which occurred in South Africa doing a combination of a squat with the weight lifting platform of the pot you know were certain the leg started spreading and I had 500 pounds on my shoulder and the whole thing started collapsing the weight falling there with me in August and then the leg straightened out and was shaking down stage and in a me leg was shaking and impact it popped back in said of myself even though it was sweating and I was half almost passing out I said to myself that oh you know I can get up and they helped me up and they’re good up in the system you know I can walk in a kind of slow you deliver so they could walk to get what I give him the post anything I just you know remember nothing to feed that kind of to be careful and then shoot it up I would do my posing routine and then the people were screaming and that’s it getting carried away because people were screaming and applauding and standing ovations that I would come back out of the stage after an accident like that and I totally forgot not to go down to man dealing shots we had one leg spread out like that did one leg bent and I’m doing that double bicep post and and I went down like that and then didn’t even popped back out again and then I fell over and I was taking paint again and a little shaky and then it popped loud again and orders up I mean people heard it all the way through the back row it was like wire and so then I had to come back enough guy to get knee surgery and then the doctor said you know at the cartilage surgery meniscus the kneecap was moved to the side the tendon was born in table I mean everything was wrong with the knee but I had a good doctor by the name of dr.

Cara from curling and choke in their office year and I had good physical therapy afterwards and within four months I could start squatting again and prepare myself for the 1973 miss tormented competition and met dies watching the best in 1973 because that really paid close attention to it make this kind of like the priority principle you know children always talked about that we the priority principle but this is what it was guys did dies first from that point on and really paid close attention to it what’s your favorite movie line from your movies but whenever someone asked me what isn’t a favorite was my favorite book was my favorite exercise what is my favorite line was my favorite movie or visit I never can answer it because it really is no such thing as deep one favorite I can give you a few I mean I think that the ones that are the most common that out then do the most popular ones it is the I’ll be back hasta la vista baby when I ran my fist in your stomach and brake you got them spine or shouldn’t drink it bake or if it is absolutely stole stick around after I hit the guy with the knife in the chest all of this I think these are all cool lines and I think the trick of it is is just not just what you say but how you say it’s all about the attitude because people really enjoy the attitude about the whole thing I think it was like when I was sitting at commander in the airplane and this big monster black guy was supposed to guard me and then I just broke his neck in the plane could be and then the way that the schoolís came the flight attendant camera she says can help innocent work just leave him alone vision asleep because he’s to take time you know just the way I said because he was dead there now who say he’s dead tired you know I think that she didn’t know what I was talking about that the audience knew what I was talking about so that’s what they did actually fun into funny life I don’t know which direction is the beach the beach is right over the other and it’s very important that you follow all the way over there and then of course it’s very important that made me drink did we do it the right way anyway sometimes when you have a problem pumping up your bicep and you don’t have really a way to get to the gym just pump it up okay class if you do this with the vector also this is produces this finger not the thumb thumb is for the barrister this fingers could then this thing in here is for this so it’s really depends then they did both fingers it really depends you know what the situation is this opinion okay she’s my training partner like good stuff saying hi lat forecaster last question do you still have the cone am sort of course generic the connoisseur is always in the office here look at this crush your enemy see them driven before you’ll hit a lamentation of their women just tell us what you think in comments down below subscribe to top knowledge for more news and entertainment from around the world

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