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The town of Cricceith is located in Gwyneed, Cardigan Bay. It is a seaside resort and well known for the retired set. The fairs in Cricceith are pretty popular and attract many visitors each year. Anually there are two fairs which are held respectively on May 23rd and June 29th. In addition, this is the place where some paintings by Joseph Maillord William Turner, a romantic artist, were found. They pictured the shipwrecked mariners.  


Criccreith castle isolated between two beaches and overlooks Tremadog Bay. The castle was constructed in the 13th century and because of its location became a strategic point for difficulties between Wales and England. This Welsh castle has a rare feature, the twin towered gatehouse. It is thought that this feature was copied from current English castles. The castle can be visited by the public and holds some local exhibits.


Supposedly tennis was invented in Criccreith. It was developed in 1873 as a bit of fun for some guests visiting a Major Walter Clopton Wingfield. This would make sense as most modern tennis terms originate from this time period. Criccreiths tennis club is one of the oldest tennis clubs in existence. It was founded in 1892 and has remained in the same spot to this day.


Many famous tennis players have played at this club including Dorothy round who won ladies singles at Wimbledon in 1934 and 1937, Frank Riseley who won men’s double championship at Wimbledon in 1902 and 1906, Navy champion Commander Philip Glover, Dodd and Mellet of South Africa, and Miss Thelma Cazalet to name a few.


It is possible to visit Snowdonia National Park and Lleyn Peninsula from Criccreith as well as exploring the rest of Northwest Wales. It is possible to walk the International Potters’ Path in Marine Crescent. This path is constructed on individual ceramic tiles made from potters around the world. The path takes you to Criccreiths best kept secret an art gallery made from a recycled chapel. The exhibits change regularly.


Criccreith festival runs for a week in June. It includes opera, choirs, drummers, kite building, jazz, ballet, brass bands, folk dancing, brass bands and more. One of its famous patrons includes the famous baritone Bryn Terfel. This festival has been held annually since 1988. It is possible to attend concerts, go to the plant fair, and enjoy fantastic dining and more at the festival.


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