Food + Wrestling + Rock = Great Music Festivals

Clay Busch, Head of Marketing and Brand Partnerships for Danny Wimmer Presents, the company behind massive rock festivals like Aftershock, Rock On The Range, Louder Than Life, Welcome To Rockville and more, chats backstage at Aftershock about how the festivals combine food, wrestling and rock to create a different kind of experience. FOOD Each of the festivals has its own expressive, explosive flavor, Busch explained. The festivals’ “Gourmet Man Food” component, looks to the local culture for their unique flavors. For instance, Louder Than Life which takes place in Kentucky, has an area called “Bourbon World,” while Rock Allegiance in in Philadelphia has more of that philly flare. WRESTLING Busch sheds some light on the decision to bring WWE NXT into the festivals as somewhat of a surprise element. Theyve always supported the bands, so it was like a natural tie-in, he says. As the conversation transitions to the incorporation of NXT into the festivals, he recaps the beef between Corey Graves and Corey Taylor you may remember following on APTV last year. (If not, check out our NXT playlist!) ROCK Last year, the Danny Wimmer Presents festivals featured artists like Bring Me The Horizon, Beartooth, Rob Zombie, Issues and more. Believe it or not, this year is going to be just as rad. Stay tuned until the end of the video for more details about this year’s Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH!

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