Glastonbury Tickets in 30 seconds resale Sunday 17th April.

The Refreshinator APP in the Glastonbury tickets resale on Sunday 17th 2016. Glastonbury festival sells out quickly. You get on the site by refreshing the holding page. How glastonbury works is, every time you try to get on the site, there is only a very small chance you will get put through to the ticket page. The more you refresh your browser, the higher the chances of a ticket. The refreshinator, can increase the chances of getting a glastonbury ticket by requesting to get onto the page faster than a person can. The device here is an iPad Air first generation. As shown the device got onto the Site in a very fast time (just over 30 seconds from starting the auto refresh). The iPad Air is an old device, and the Refreshinator still made it on before 9:01, which is fast. We chose the refresh word “holding” as the refresh, so the Refreshinator stops when that word its no longer on the page. You can also use a phrase e.g “holding page” or “the maximum” (basically any word or phrase that won’t be on the ticket page)

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