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It defines the role of a modern man and distinguished his footwear from the traditional one. The manufactures of Clae shoes can boast of shoe making which has breathed new life into traditional footwear .Clae shoes has been very successful in fusing the comfort of athletic footwear with the aesthetic of traditional dress inspired styling.

The different designs, make, style and color of CLAE brand of shoes has made it very unique. CLAE has redefined the boundaries of casual footwear. It has brought a new life into it. By redefining the boundaries CLAE has been very successful in filling the void between sneakers and shoes

Clae has delivered collection of evolving classics for the modern man. Clae’s style of footwear is rooted in lifestyle of footwear is rooted in lifestyle and driven by leisure are fully new and instantly classic. Clae captures the lifestyle and momentum of the modern men

These shoes help in appealing to men of any generation because of its versatile nature and multi appeal it has in itself. Clae is a modern footwear brand. It was originally launched in 2001 to reduce the gap between sneakers and shoes and in the summer of 2007 it was relaunche3d independently with new partners with a new vision to make it a modern footwear brand. While designing the Clae shoes various details such as overall shape, color, material to be used was looked into. Clae brand of footwear is very unique in its simplicity because of its color and material ply which gives all the range of footwear a classic look.

Clae will work tirelessly in future to gibe its customer unique and modern footwear in terms of design, comfort and value. The objective of continuance to bridge the gap between casual and athletic shoes will always be there to make the footwear a versatile one.

If we go through all the brands of footwear available in the4 market undoubtedly Clae is one of the more classy, grown up style brand on the market. Some of the men’s Clae footwear is KHAN, WHITMAN, PARKER, ROLLINS, RUSSEDL, and THOMPSON

Khan has a robust pull up boot leather and versatile removable ankle strap. Khan provides an added comfort with a custom foot bed and a leather lined interior for work, play, walking, running  and many thing else you can imagine.

Whitman is the modern day urban footwear made with canvas and full grain leather uppers. I t is built on a classic outsole to give a new comfort for the feet of the modern man.

Parker footwear combines a simple athletic sole with a classic casual contor blended with rich pull up leathers together with the superior cushioning of a custom molded foot –bed

Rollins brings in a style footwear between rugged and refined which is strong enough to weather the elements. It comes with a moiled medium upper of leather and heavy nylon accented with metal hardware.

Russell men’s footwear is available in Black patent, Meroli, Deep navy patent, Black and Charcoal cool. Its supple leather lining and the custom molded foot-bed will make your feet experience a feeling that you are flying high.

Thompson men’s Clae footwear is anchored by the athletic design with the added luxury of leather interior to help you feel and look the best.

Thus at the end I would say that Clae footwear is rooted deep in a lifestyle, driven by leisure and are fully new and classic to look and feel at.

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