How to get Glastonbury Tickets Part 1 of 2 videos

As you are looking for that fabulous vacation, why should you settle for an area that is ordinary, when you can settle for a place that is extraordinary? With the town of Glastonbury, you will see something out of your dreams. When we first went here, we could not get enough of it. In fact, we had to extend our stay for another week, because there was so much we wanted to do. Glastonbury can be found in Somerset, England. It is sitting thirty miles south of Bristol. As we continue this article, we are going to tell you some more information about this wonderful area.

First of all, you are going to come across a population of 8,800 in this wonderful town. Yes, there are people of all different shapes and sizes. This wonderful area is known for the history, including Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury Tor and Somerset Rural Life Museum. There are many different legends and myths that are associated with this area. You will be able to learn about those different legends and myth when you visit this area.

Near the village of Pilton, you will be able to find Glastonbury Festival. However, in order to attend this festival, you will need to heck the calendar online so that you can see the date. Within these walls of this town, you are going to come across a lot of great scenery. You cannot miss out on a great tour of the tower at the summit.

In our opinion, Glastonbury just so happens to be amongst the best place of the world. There is so much that this area has to offer you. At the end of the last ice age, nearly 10,000 years ago, the lowland landscape of this area was formed. Interesting fact? If so, then you will find many other interesting facts about this area by visiting it.

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