How to Get Your Music on Internet Radio | ArtistHustle TV Episode 25 Debbie-Ann Shaw, Founder & Owner at Artist Hustle. 10 ways to get your music to internet radio stations 1. Introduce yourself as a person 2. Choose the shows that best fit your artistic works: Find stations. Know your demographics and use your judgement. 3. Include album/EP cover images and stories about how songs came to be 4. Make sure all tracks have your tags in place 5. Include places to download, stream and buy the music under each album cover 6. Include all social media links at the bottom of the submission 7. Submit radio-friendly songs. 8. Tell them your style of music performed/similar artists 9. Reach out and/or look for submission page for music. 10. Look at the playlist and station description to determine which songs has the best chance of resonating with them. Follow up a week after you sent your songs. Keep track of all websites in a contact file for following up. For interviews, include info on current events and/or hot topics the interviewers can work from. Think of different stories and newsworthy topics for the interview. ArtistHustle. Take your hustle to the next level. Marketing & branding for artists & entertainment brands. Twitter: Facebook: Google +: Medium:

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