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My son is constantly doing something bad he has ADHD and it’s pretty stressful dealing with his behavior, he will plug the toilet on purpose, he spills stuff on purpose, he throws stuff on purpose he will also get the water bottles I buy and pour all the water out of them, he brakes stuff on purpose he literally jumps into the wall and says his sister did it to him he will keep bouncing around nonstop he doesn’t sit still oh and my favorite one he says he’s hungry so I fixed him something then he says he doesn’t want it and when he doesn’t want something he throws it on the floor and smashes it with his foot, I bought him a burger from Mc Donald’s the other day he takes it throws it on the floor and smashes it and then says he’s hungry so my response was son if you’re hungry why did you smash your burger his reply is mommy the burger sucks so you can see what I deal with. Please hit that like button, subscribe to my channel and share my videos. Thanks Everyone.

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