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While renting a house or a car, many of us had come across the officially authorized document termed lease. A lease is a legal contract between an owner, the lesser and the renter, the lessee. It actually defines all the terms included in land or merchandise agreement and also the relationship an owner and renter shares. A lease also incorporates the tenure of a lessee and the amount of rent or deposits or any other financial penalties.

A Lease is beneficial both for the owner and the tenant and protects their individual rights. Like, this legal contract compels the tenant to pay their rent properly throughout the tenure of the lease. The tenant also gets the right on the property without any fear of abrupt and hasty eviction. However, there are a few restrictions that a tenant should abide.  A tenant is not an owner so the property is always under the careful check and analysis of the landlord. Sometimes to reduce monthly payments, tenants sign longer leases and some landlords allow their tenants to stay without the extension of the lease. Both the above cases are considered illegal and against the law. Generally the term of lease can be as short as a few weeks or months but it can be extended for a number of years.

The intervention of a solicitor is important in the purchase of a property as well as obtaining a mortgage. Similarly, a solicitor also plays a very important role in preparing a lease or in leasehold extension.  There are many websites on the internet that can help you find Lease solicitors in Leeds. Hamilton solicitor is one such very popular solicitor firms established in Leeds. This firm offers trainee legal lawyers and can even brief you about their qualification, specialties and past experiences.

The commercial solicitor of a company runs the company within the legal work of legislation. They deal with the administrative work and ensure that the operation of the company is within the legislation. So it is very important that they have the ability to lend you proper and suitable advices and provide service under the constant pressure of deadlines. You should always remember that a professional commercial solicitor must have the following qualities:

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