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Tea drinking is not just a satisfying and healthy way to quench your thirst; to some it is a serious hobby. For those who take their tea drinking more seriously there are some great books to help on the quest for tea knowledge, and we have reviewed some of the best here.


Liquid tea: The Story of Tea from East to West by Beatrice Hohenegger

If you enjoy history then you will love this book. Covering such subjects as the expansion of tea culture in China and the use of tea in trading roles, as well as more modern subjects such as fair trade and the scientific health benefits of tea, this book is a factual gem. Using her skills of research, the author has created a comprehensive guide to tea.


Tea Classified: A Tea Lover’s Companion by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson

Jane Pettigrew is recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on tea and her knowledge is represented in this book. Alongside her co-author she discusses over ninety teas from around the world, including subjects such as character and brewing tips. It is an easy-to-use book, perfect for dipping in and out to research your favourite type of tea.


Tea Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Tea Lovers by Tonia George

An interesting take on the use of tea, this book has a range of recipes using tea as a unique flavouring. It utilises different varieties of tea to suit savoury and puddings alike. The introduction includes a simple background and brewing tips and the recipe section contains savouries, puddings, sweet treats and drinks, all with a tea inspired slant. A great book if you want to take your love of tea one step further!


Book of Tea by Annie Perrier-Robert

Commencing with the history of tea, this book then goes on to look at the traditional tea ceremony and tea around the world. It also details different types of tea, including some variations such as iced tea, tea punches and new beverages. It finishes with some recipes and an infusion chart to give an all round guide to tea from all aspects.


The Ritz London Book of Afternoon Tea: The Art and Pleasures of Taking Tea by Helen Simpson

A book full of tea trivia and the origins of afternoon tea, this is an easy read. It not only contains recipes, but also some interesting tea references to literature, information on types of tea and how to brew the perfect pot. Derived from the Ritz stable, it also includes history of the hotel and information on how afternoon tea is conducted at the Ritz.


The Little Black Book of Tea: The Essential Guide to all Things Tea by Mike Heneberry

Beginning with a brief historical guide, this book moves on to tea traditions before looking at the grades of tea and different teas around the world. The last section gives recipes for drinks and treats, including cooking with tea. As the name implies, this is a small all round guide to tea, but it is packed with information.

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