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A mobile website is an alternative version of your original website, but they are usually redesigned or optimized to be used by mobile devices. These handheld devices include smartphones and tablets which are selling at astonishing rates today. With todays culture always being on the go, coupled with the popularity of mobile internet usage its important to keep up with this trend. More handheld devices are now being sold each year than regular PCs and laptops; this means that the technological marketplace is changing and evolving. Many businesses feel that this doesnt affect them. However, ignoring it can eventually hurt your ability to bring in new customers, leads and sales. By introducing a mobile website to your business, you can potentially reach more customers and as a direct result – make more money. In case you havent noticed, most larger corporations now have a mobile version of their websites as they understand that this helps them to connect with their customers and more importantly, potential customers, at all times. Small businesses are starting to take notice and some of them have even mobilized their websites. But there are still millions of companies out there without a mobile-friendly website. If youre thinking about getting a mobile website, you probably have some questions that are stopping you from moving forward. Here are some of the most common questions business owners have about mobile websites; this could shed some light on why you need one:

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