Mogey – Ghosts Are Cool (Music Video)

Free Download: Music video: Ghosts Are Cool Video creator: Daniel Eugene Botha Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Description: Mogey and esteemed artist, Daniel Botha team up to bring you the awesome production of Ghosts Are Cool. The song, a fusion of electro and techno blend is now accompanied by the epic visuals that are a perfect portrayal of the Daniel Botha Style. This video is really what you make it. All sense is only the sense that you bring to it. Make of it what you will. The only garantuee is that you won’t be able to look away. Mogey is cool. Daniel is cool. This video is cool. Ghosts are cool. ______________________________________________________ Side note: Please support Daniel Botha by liking his various pages! His new youtube channel has loads of content with his art, his process and even the odd vlog video. Much love to everyone who has supported me. Music: Mogey – Ghosts Are Cool (Free Download)

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