Monaghan Country Music Festival 2014

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Country music has been one of the oldest, enriched, soulful and most profound genres of American music. Its origin belongs to the mountain region of Nashville, Tennessee where it nurtured and flourished but the original form of this form of music has a European background.

With an ancient and nostalgic touch to it, country music was originally played with instruments like banjos, guitars, mandolins etc which blend together to contribute to the feel that it carries. Before it got the name of Country music, this form of music was more commonly termed as hillbilly. With the passage of time, amalgamation of different forms of music and newer and newer instruments being created, country music has come a long way from its original and pure form to being branched off into various different categories like Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, Blue Grass, and Western.

Rockabilly involves a fusion of the old and traditional Country or Hillbilly music with the famous Rock n Roll genre. This became very popular in the fifties and one of the most famous American singers, Elvis Presley became well recognized because of this only. Honky Tonk was more popular in the twenties and was the kind that was more suited to night clubs and cheap saloons or bars. It was played on a piano. Blue Grass is a very peppy version of Country music. It is very fast paced and guitars and banjos are essential instruments involved in it. 

On a broader spectrum, Country music can be classified into two major categories namely Country Rock and Alternative Country. As the name implied, Country Rock is an amalgamation of Country music with a touch of Rock in it and is a little hard core. Alternative Country has a more peppy touch to it as it fuses pop with country music.

Country music has travelled a long journey since it was founded. It still remains to be a popular form of in its home town. Although it has gone several transformations to make it more compatible with the modern music style, yet it remains to be as soulful, rhythmic, enriching and a treat to listen as it has always been.

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