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For fans of Green Day, the electrifying American Idiot musical is one of the hottest shows to hit Broadway in years. For others, the coming of age story inspires in a post 9-11 world. The Broadway musical primarily features music from the popular punk band, with magnificent performers and a gloriously simple set. If you are on the hunt for cheap American Idiot tickets, you are not alone, as this show has grown leaps and bounds in popularity. Be inspired by our overview of the show before you find cheap tickets and see it for yourself


American Idiot is the story of three young men who are trying to make sense of a post 9-11 world. The trio leaves the comfort of their mundane suburban lives to experience the thrill of the city. One man is called away to military service, where he witnesses the impact of war firsthand. Another is called back home to take care of family matters. The third finds himself in a hazardous romantic relationship and a potentially toxic friendship.

People who find discount tickets will be pleased to enjoy the score which rocks from the Green Day album by the same name. Hits like “Holiday” and “21 Guns” are sure to delight, regardless of what genre of music you appreciate. Most will also relate to the search for meaning in a confusing and chaotic world, like the one these men are trying to escape.

Who Should See?

While teens may love the rocking score for this Broadway show, there is too much “sex, drugs and rock and roll” to make discount American Idiot tickets appropriate for the younger crowd. This musical is decidedly adult, from the character who drinks to forget he got his girlfriend pregnant to the abundance of drugs and “f-bombs” that are dropped throughout the show. If you buy discount American idiot tickets, keep the kids at home for this show so that the adults can enjoy the meaning, lyrics, and inspiration of this modern day musical.

What the Critics Say about the Musical
The critics love cheap tickets, with some claiming this musical is one of the best on Broadway this season. From the explosive music to the outstanding performances of the cast, critics are calling American Idiot “stimulating,” “invigorating” and “moving.”

Now Playing

American Idiot is short and sweet, with a one hour and thirty minute run time. On Broadway, the show is now playing at the St. James Theatre on West 44th Street. Snag your discount American idiot tickets now!

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