Preventing Prostate Cancer: A Medical Opinion On Prostate Massage

We talked about this with Paige you know again once we started researching it and we were laughing we were embarrassed you know the uncomfortable subject but the more you learn and the more you talk about the more natural it gets welcome back to our second act we’re continuing our conversation on prostate health and joining us is Dr.Laurie Blanscet, Laurie welcome back to the show thank you.

Well as you know this program is primarily for women but today we are really talking to the men in our audience and you know like I said in our previous segment it’s really for our benefit as well because prostate health is something that affects couples of sex relationships so the reason we’re talking today is about prostate massage you know we ran across this started giggling about it but as we looked into a deeper this is really helpful or can be really helpful what exactly is a prostate massage and why is it important.

The prostate can be reached through the rectal area because of the location just so you know and the concept of prostate massage is again just like any part of your body or muscle or I think when you massage it’s going to help it to remove the fluids and so sometimes because we’re sitting so much or not or more sedentary not as active men are maybe ejaculating as much or it’s just more toxins build up for whatever reason they kind of got backed up so to speak.

Yeah, I was going to say so men actually can get backed up you heard that so often now we know what that means exactly, if you don’t understand that the prostate massages they gently massage put pressure on the prostate to release fluids to cleanse that filter and get things to go through and it makes sense you know that is that that would help …well and the purpose of this segment I guess we should qualify is really not to teach you how to do it but to open your mind up to that this is okay maybe backing up just a little bit…

Pardon the pun… what you know what are some of the tell-tale signs that somebody you know over 50 especially is dealing with an enlarged prostate… the most common is it starts affecting the bladder or the flow of the urine because of where it’s located because you have the bladder then you have the prostate surrounding a urethra and then you have the penis or the wonderful stuff comes out and what will happen is when the prostate enlarges or implant is putting pressure on a urine flow and so men will get dribbling they will feel like they can’t empty their bladder that’s probably the most common symptom or they just feel like that they urinate a lot so if you see a guy running back and forth to the bathroom is they are wondering and sometimes they have pain, you know discomfort …but with sexual dysfunction which it leads into you know the traditional approach to dealing with it again is, even more, it will cause even more sexual dysfunction with those you know medications.

If you think about that it’s like so often in medicine which is why I like 2nd Act TV we expose these things and natural things to do because sometimes we have one problem we treat if we create two other problems and the surgery especially yes it will basically they’re shaving off the muscle so it’s not constricting on the bladder, the urethra but there are nerves down there and when you destroy those nerves now the penis does not become erect and you have your erectile dysfunction so in the medications, of course, it cause side effects.

You’re right ….well so what do people need to know about prostate massage how do we remove this you know stigma by talking about it and actually doing it. know first of all realize it’s for your health just like going to exercise at a gym just like breathing and it’s important for the health of a male and takes off the stigma obviously you’re not going to do in an elevator we hope not …

you know it really is safe you know people think they’re going to get infection or whatever reasons are shameful because we’ve been taught that’s not a good organ and you don’t do anything right you don’t go up the rectum because to do a prostate massage you have to go up through the rectum and so for a heterosexual male that can be tough …and there are so many ways to do this safely it’s very easy so, first of all, know that it is healthy and be okay with it and then research there are many different ways to do it and…

.based on my research, there are basically three different ways you know to do this and again we don’t want to do an instructional thing here but kind of summarize for us what are the best ways to do a prostate massage …sure the one way people can actually use their fingers use your glove but it doesn’t get up enough so we don’t really advise that procedure the other two ways or to have a partner who can actually get up there a little better and then there are toys there are actually toys are designed I call them toys but they’re tools instruments that are very safe very comfortable very easy to use either by yourself or with a partner that’s what I suggest because it’s so much easier and you’re not going to mess it up.

Well, and we talked about this with Paige you know again once we started researching it and we were laughing we were embarrassed you know we it is you know it’s an uncomfortable subject but the more you learn and the more you talk about the more natural it gets and you know I the idea that us as women can actually help the man and make it fun and right you know that I mean that’s something to consider right well yeah and it can actually enhance the male sexual response so there are many toys and many fun things out there you can use as a couple you know and really enhance the relationship for men in that sexual experience why not yeah… but you know exactly help them be healthy one another interesting thing I saw is that one of the reasons that men are averse to this is because they think when they hear this that they think of a prostate exam which can be very painful and that’s not what it is right.

No, it’s very gentle especially with a toy because it’s so thin so it’s so much better and with a prostate exam it depends like I get my own fingers, okay but you know you have big old thick fingers not so comfortable, and also it’s not a pleasurable experience we hope people don’t make it pleasurable in a doctor’s office… that’s funny so don’t equate it to do the to a rectal exam… correct yeah so how would you count have you ever counseled a man on this or recommended this.

How would you go about making somebody feel comfortable to do this …

well first explaining what the prostate is which we’ve done and then explaining that it’s function is not just for getting helping somebody get pregnant but it’s filtering it’s getting rid of toxins and it’s helping the conversion with testosterone to DHT but they need the prostate to be healthy and if we want to crush everything’s so it does not enlarge and just educate them that how to do it is very very simple it’s very easy and if they do this regularly it pretty soon it becomes commonplace it’s like brushing your teeth okay well maybe not just like that …see we’re laughing we’re giggling and that’s okay and you guys can laugh and giggle too because like I said it’s it’s an uncomfortable subject but it’s one very you know worthy to explore and we’re going to be linking to there’s a couple sites I found I think I send them to you and I think you agree that you know is these really treat the subject in a very up-and-up or very matter-of-fact and I would encourage you to to visit and see if this is something that can really you know change how you feel right Dr.

Laurie, what would you leave our listeners or viewers with I agree, go to the links they were very informative they basically gave great information to healthy toys that can help techniques you can use and I would just leave it with saying hey your prostate is part of you just like any part of your body and you need to take care of it don’t wait until you have major issues start now it’s not a dirty awful thing to do it that healthy thing just like women when we get pap smears, something you do for your health exactly well thank you doctor Laurie.

I hope that we know you cleared up or maybe you know it’s giving you an idea of maybe how to take charge of your sexual health when it comes to prostate health so thanks for joining us we hope to see you soon again on another episode of our second act and don’t forget to subscribe to our program so you don’t miss any of these great shows .. bye-bye Dr. Laurie, see you soon I hope you enjoy today’s program on prostate health, as much fun as we had it is a very serious and important topic so be sure to visit our website we have many links to great sites that will give you more and detailed information on the procedures discussed today and we hope to see you soon again on another episode of 2nd Act TV.

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