Rilbong Food Fest draws foodies from Northeast – ANI News

Shillong, Dec 13 (ANI): Creativity was at its best form as chefs from all parts of the region came together under one platform to display their culinary skills and creativity in making art out of food in the recently held Rilbong Food Festival in Shillong. The food festival was organised by the Rilbong Sports and Cultural Club as part of its ongoing Diamond Jubilee celebrations. There were over 200 participants in different categories that included mutton dishes, chicken and pork delicacies, fish curries and even dry fish in the non-vegetarian category. From a bird made out of sweet potatoes to a nest of noodles, which was a major attraction, the event drew huge crowds from all walks of life. There was also the vegetarian category and adding to this was the live cooking contest where participants cooked in the festival. Some of the participants came out with extraordinary displays that included a mutton keema dish made in the shape of a fish. Apart from the regular contest there were various other contests which involved visitors identifying different Indian spices, answering a questionnaire on table etiquette, identifying Indian Thalis and a general quiz on different aspects of food. Besides these, an exclusive array of sweet dishes like cupcakes, rabri, faluda etc. were also on display. Wide varieties of pickles and local made potato chips were also exhibited in the festival. Delectable Bengali cuisine such as the famous fish curry was one such item that drew foodies from all walks of life. Such food festivals bring to light the essence of culinary cultures of different communities, evoke a bit of inclusiveness and strengthen the bond of unity among people of diverse cultures. ———————————————————————————————- Visit our Official website: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel – Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Like us: Follow us : Circle us :

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