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Student life usually entails drinking, partying and studying, limiting the actual exploring of a city. However, after three years of this, many students find they don’t actually know the cities they have studied in.

Leeds has a vast amount of activities to offer for people of all ages. This historical and cultural urban city in West Yorkshire is the UK’s largest centre for finance, business and legal services outside of London with many jobs to offer.

Within this fast moving city, around every corner there is something new to explore. Leeds holds the second largest West Indian Carnival in the UK (after Notting Hill Carnival) every year covering the streets in arrays of colour and a large procession attracting around 100,000 visitors per year. Also in the summer the famous Leeds festival is held coinciding with Reading festival bringing thousands of tourists from all over to watch their favourite musicians and party in the fields of West Yorkshire for the weekend.

The nightlife scene in Leeds is something that is not easy to compare to other cities. Straight off the train or the bus station you find yourself in the heart of Leeds with a magnitude of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Although the student population is very large, there is still a lot of the city that is not overwhelmed by leary students. Call lane which lies around the corner from the high street is a favourite for young professions to go for a drink or cocktail after work and then off to one of the many night clubs situated in that area.

Leeds carries a lot of history behind it. Even the large town hall is a spectacular sight to see in itself. The Leeds City Museum is a fun day out with the kids or even for your own interest, there is something there for everyone. And along with the art galleries and other various museums, along the canal you can induldge yourself in the UKs national collection of arms and armour including artillery at the Royal Armouries museum with a collection large enough to thrill anyone.

If on sundays you like to go for long walks, with the kids and dogs then Leeds is the right place. With the perfect balance between a bustling metropolitan city and country-side it can be home to anyone. Just outside of Leeds there are many national walking paths that carry you along to the Yorkshire Moors (another great historical marvel) with warm country pubs for a lunch break or a warming drink.

Choosing where in Leeds to live is a difficult task with apartmemnts and places to rent all around the city. Many young professionals and students straight from the Universities choose to live in the city centre where world is quite literally at your doorstep.

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