Surfers Babe Rock – royalty free vintage rock n roll

vintage 50ties style sorf rock with bariton sax solo music: Giorgio di Campo – Freesound Music you can use this music for free in your clips! you’ll never get problems with monetizing because our music is 100% royalty free! just give proper credits and link to the music clip in our channel. you don’t have to pay nothing for the use of our music, but if you want give some support you can do so via patreon: Don’t forget to subscribe and spread the word! there will be more tracks soon 5 easy steps how to put our 100% royalty free music in your video clips: 1. Choose the music you like best for your clip 2. convert the video to mp3 3. sync the mp3 to your clip 4. upload your video to your channel 5. add song title and the link to the music clip on our Freesoundmusic channel in your description. Thats it feel free to monetize your clips and dont forget to subscribe to freesound music to be updated about new uploads.

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