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Hi! its Netanel, the new young emissary. Three months ago, before I graduated high school, I had to leave the radio station where I was a broadcaster for three years, to start a new adventure, the Shnat Sherut (year of service). Its was very sad for me to leave the radio station so I thought – What can I do to keep doing my favorite hobby? So I found few very talented kids that took my dream and made him come true. Here some answers for you from my students: *What?* Internet radio station that broadcasts Hebrew music. We’re picking the songs, interview important people and to making a real Radio Show. *Why?* The radio is our way to connect through the music to Israel and Judaism. On Holidays and special days we making special programs and learn the subjects. In addition. To our radio, people can listen from anywhere in the world via computer or mobile phone. *Netanel Benami is Israeli Young Emissary that doing gap year program in Westport, Connecticut through The Jewish Agency for Israel. **The podcasts are for educational purpose only. **There is no commercial use in the songs.

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