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Tradition ties the past to the present and is the link which binds the past to the future. Quite similarly In this globalize world nations are recognized by their cultures, traditions and heritage and the way they celebrate their festivals both local and religious ones. Every individual festival has a binding relationship with its nation and this depicts the strong bond between a nation and its civilization.


Likewise every nation of the world Nigeria has some unique festivals including agugu fishing festival, osun oshogbo festival, iriji festival, new yam festival, egungun festival, eyo festival, darbar festivals and some religious festivals like masquerade displays are occasions to commemorate the passing of the great and the good, cement relations between generations, and offer prayers for social peace and the well being of individuals.

These all interesting facts are a unique source to grab a tourist attraction and that’s why most of them travel to visit such places and try to find the cheapest flights to Nigeria.




Some of the important and popular Nigerian festivals for which the tourists and visitors seek cheap flights to Nigeria are as follows;









The Arugungu fishing festival is the annual festival and is the most vibrant Flights to Nigeria compared to the other festivals. The festival is celebrated in the Arugungu town of Kebbit state and celebrated every year around February and March. In this festival local people, armed with fishnets get into the water. Most of them are accompanied by drummers who with loud beating of their drums drive the fishes to the shallow waters. Canoe racing, fishing with bare hands, diving competitions are also a part of this festival.


The Osun Oshogbo festival is one of the religious festivals named by the wife of Sango who was the god of thunder and former King of Oyo. This specific festival is celebrated in Yorubaland, especially near the River Osun. It is supposed that the water in this river has powerful fertility power for women.


In Nigeria, the festival is celebrated mainly by the Igbo peoples, and various communities celebrate Iriji in different ways. But, all have a parade, songs, dancing and drumming. Because a good yam harvest is important for survival, the people give thanks to the spirits of the earth and sky.

In the same way one of the interesting festival for which most of the visitors seek cheap flights to Nigeria is the Durbar festival which reveals the horsemanship capability of the local people. The word Durbar means military parade. This festival exhibits the horsemanship and valor of the participants.

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