The Cult Live at Reading Festival 2001 – Rain

Reading might not be one of those popular, hip and high-vibe places in England but the city surely has something to offer to the outside world. The city hosts a musical celebration every August during the three days of bank holiday and attracts the whole wide world towards itself. This is the charm and such are the results of the growing popularity of Reading Festival. The festival has been around since 1961 and ever since its first time, has been growing rapidly. In most places, the festival has been mentioned as having begun in 1970s but it has been happening since early 1960s.

However, in its early days, Reading Festival was merely a small jazz concert held at the Little John’s Farm. The best part is that this festival has never had any rules in favor of, or against any genre and hence, with time, numerous other genres have added into it and Ready Festival tickets are now being largely bought by music lovers of all interests. Not only people from part of England wait for the event to be held but music lovers all around globe fly to England when this event takes place. In the 1970s, Reading Festival saw growth and better sponsorship and hence, more people turning towards it. Eventually, Reading Festival began having two stages and from two, these stages have grown to four or five through three. Each year, numerous music and dance acts come to perform at the event and this festival is so largely celebrated that that bands or musicians who get invitations to perform on its stages or those who have already performed on them feel a great deal of pride in doing so or having done so. Reading Festival tickets are available of various websites and can be bought from many places around England as well. Foreign visitors to the event of course, prefer buying them online.

Each of the many stages is allocated for certain kind of act. Since most performers at Reading Festival are new comers, at least two stages are set for them. One of them is always set for mixed acts while owing to fewer number of dance acts; one stage is allocated for dance performances. One stage is there to showcase the performances of world renowned acts, for which, people even camp at the site. Camping during summer holidays while enjoying fabulous musical bands perform is simply an unforgettable vacation package offered by Reading Festival.

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