Tim McGraw to Play 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival

Any time you are trying to figure out how best to get the word out about local events, whether you are talking about a meditation retreat or weekend-long local festivals full of music, beer and art, you want to take stock of who the attendees are going to be and how best to reach them. In an area where local concerts abound and most people are quite interested in experiencing what there is to see, do, hear and taste, half of the time all you need to do is let people know about events and you’re on your way. There are several different demographics to consider anytime you are planning and promoting an event. For some events, you are going to be looking to tourist traffic for some of your numbers. Timing will clearly be important, as well making sure that the event is easy to find out about, featured in local publications as well as listed online and perhaps even through travel destinations like bed and breakfasts.

Your next group of attendees to consider are the locals. These are the folks who are going to walk out their front door and come take a look at what you have going on. If it’s a concert, these are the folks who regularly attend shows at the venue, if a festival, these are the people who regularly walk the streets where this is taking place. These are people that you might not have to pursue, but you definitely want to cater to. You also want to let them know what all is happening because even if they are likely to be passing by, that is no guarantee that they are always paying attention or in the loop. Making sure they can check the calendar and see your upcoming event is key.

Finally, you have those in the surrounding area who are really going to be interested in what is going on, but aren’t all that likely to just stumble upon it. These folks are the ones who will be more likely to consult calendars and schedules and plan in advance. They might be more likely to utilize online tools to see what will be happening or they may rely more on word of mouth. Either way, be sure to reach out to these folks to create that larger sense of community. Local comes in a number of shapes and sizes, from neighborhoods to cities to regions, after all.

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