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Hey boys and girls, Tony Horton here I’m on a dr. Oz, Show, and I have delivered just for you – a 10 minute miracle workout only for dr. oz fans, you’re so lucky. What is it? It’S? A combination of core moves. Leg moves high heart rate stuff. We just did it, I’m still huffing and puffing you’re going to love it. It’S 5 moves, you do them 5 times, and then you repeat them for a total of 10 minutes. It’S so simple! It’S so easy! It’S really fun! All you need is the human body. Mother earth and Sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravity. If you have those three things: you’re going to love this, if you’re in the space station right now, you might have some issues, but everybody else on planet earth. That’S the sequence! Just for dr

Oz fans, it’s to dr. oz, ten minute miracle workout enjoy Tony Horton, is given us a special ten minute exclusive work off for you guys. It is free press play right now. If he talks about and stay with us ten minutes, five exercise is gon na beat him twice Tony taking away all right. First, one flying elbow left leg. First, we’re gon na switch to 30 seconds, all y’all ready, follow me turn and down turn and down turn. They were entail doing these things. Hopefully not if your feet are busy. Let me see them rotating those feet good coming across and then down hit him in the chin. Whoo get him in the head just like that nice. So people comment turn and down gon na, be here for 30 seconds, ah and turn and down now I’m working the feet, I’m working the core, I’m working everything heart rates up and down turn and down turn. These are difficult. They see and then turn and down on the side right foot forward now right elbow across left one down here we go turn and down get Oh Colonel, dr

Oz, bring it down buddy gingka target hit him hit him hit. Him hit him nice good, more feet, action, more leg, action, nice stay with the term guys into us turn turn yeah turn yeah turn come on three two one, no wide feet: nice and low arms go around. Add the hop arms go around and the hop arms go around seems easy for ha the stay tall arms around uh-huh. Now here’s the modification for some folks watch, OOP, OOP huh, Hey no good. Now over the course of time. Maybe your first 30 days get just. Do the arm thing right, you’re, not ready for the hopping in the squatting with like second time around, not sure I’m ready for it you’re gon na end up and luck doesn’t have to be perfect, doesn’t have to be pretty it just has to be good. It didn’t mean your last 30 days. You go up here around up in the around up in the air, all right. How do you feel I’m tired? It’S working and I’m not talking for a reason and uh-oh and and around last one now knees and elbows more mark, miss more mixed. Martial arts so left leg forward grabbed by the neck, pull them in on the side, pull them in other circle me. I do this to pull me. I don’t know we having trouble with troubles with right now you get big up small right, good, now, you’re a liar you’re, not a fighter yeah, just really for the exercise up. I, like the war shuttles up. Oh and pull now double uppercuts, totally changing switch the feet, one two one, two one, two one two one two see so what’s happening here: you’re pivoting on your feed, you’re, turning your body, you’re working, your shoulders, you’re working, your core you’re working your legs just like That ready watch and what a couple more boom boom last ones – nice, okay, pop skater, so come to the right. I’M gon na go left you two ready over over and over over and what’s easier wonder this now. Modification is a step step, so you see how you’re hopping twice one two, this side, one two, that’s I want to now make it one just the one and the one and let’s say, you’re, really modifying you, go like this here see the toe tap. Can everybody the audience, do this? Yes right, everybody at home. You can do this, but then over the course of time you turn it into one hop. There’S the one hop one hop and now double double double double training like an athlete trains over over over over. Here I come dr

Oz there, it is again again, alright, last drill go set: go the street mines, yeah, cuz, you’re, good arms, up arms out arms, up, move right, look for dark, set, go arms up arms out arms up! Show me the rounded face. Oh yeah come on still going turn left turn to the audience. Turn left again back to the audience to the right back to the camera arms up. One more rabbit show me the rabbit yeah, that’s good! That’S good! Good! Keep going arms up set, not a minute! Yet, oh, I hope so figure to come. Five seconds keep going be strong, be strong too strong and time we get to do that again. That’S five minutes! Yeah! You want to another five minutes. You know, I think I’m warming up you’re warming up. I, like you, feel good right, the body’s awake, I don’t think anything’s crazy. Here I mean I’m not to hurt myself all over when I embarrass myself, but with this hey fit think of these gals lost 200 pounds each. Are they able to do this on day? One no, but on day, 90 day 120. They could that’s what it’s about yeah. Absolutely all right! I mean I’m in second round flying elbow. If you help the item right leg forward, you ready 51 across and down across yeah the way check those feet give it on those feet. Yes, well there, it is here’s the rhythm. Should I pick up the pace on duck rule on the side of the side. There we go. Oh he’s, look at that walk very fast, ready turn da sir. Now you keep going I’m gon na modify, modify here. Don’T look you going fast there. It is so here’s the ski that works through somebody, who’s modified car turn look at those feet. Let me see it’s dinner. Those feet really turn the feet. Turn there. You go turn nice, nice, ten, nine, okay, squats! I think I see a real first creation. I like it’s happening. I like you go. He was this at home. Come on now we can do this. Arms are down I’ll, go right will match all right. Little hop other way go hop. I like it bury it cos, get your chest and a sec yeah good. Now, the other one is a little bit more frenetic right. More cardio, this one’s a little slower. This hurts your slowly yeah. What hurts Japan sweaters just love, I think about you at least 100 pounds. If you need to what, if you want to lose good right, there good minutes a day, think about how much better ten minutes is in zero minutes. Yes, it’s about ten times, but take a lot better than sixty minutes. But you know why you know if you don’t, if you can’t do a full minute or meet a full hour when you have this option, the goal here is to move every day, mind body spirit. It’S all happening with these simple movements. Five more seconds you and Lauren guys, there’s one and another one is for you at home knees, uppercut left leg forward. Here we go, pull pull pull. That’S it bring your hips to your hands a lot of times. Folks, just raise their knee, you actually want to thrust the hip good. That’S it is the opposite of the first one. We think. Well, no we’re just switching sides. We’D switch lead legs, it’s all. We’Ve done really, but it’s still the same motion hey if our lead leg is one – and yours is another – ours is left. Yours is right, doesn’t matter, okay, here come our uppercuts, either foot doesn’t matter. I don’t care, let’s go left, okay, one two one two same target both touches. Take me out again right here, one two, one, two one, two. What I really like is the movement in the body. You see all the little bit here. That’S falling shoulders! Four legs! It’S all happening nice times up all right. So here we go time’s up you’re on I’m skater we’re gon na go mellow then pick up the speed all right, one out for the first 30 seconds and over and over oh, very elegant yeah. You like that. Just dancing you and I the doctor and Tony dancing now, if you need a modifying this more stay where you are and I’ll just show them more see that nice and simple now, when we get that 30-second mark we’re gon na pick up the pace here, a Little bit we’re gon na. Do those doubles, oh we’re over over over so much ground. You can cover way over way over this. Is this isn’t for everybody, but it just goes to show you. Oh you quit foot it trying to step on me, nice. You can’t kid me, I know you weren’t trying you can’t get me. Oh whoops catch the old guy, oh it’s over and back hold over the last one. I’M feeling good. That is real, sweat! I love tits came in it all right. Take the real go. So I, like this part, done a good brush or Alex put it’s over. Go arms up, arms out arms, up arms, up, Pacey, arms, up private nuclear rabbit and read the audience. Rabbit, go Robin arms up arms now set! Do it right? That’S good! You ready! For the strong leg – oh, oh, oh! Oh! No! That’S right! Left forward! Here we come back there. We go stay with us, guys, bottoms up. Second, here’s the last one irritates blood and that’s a good thing. Last five seconds: five: four: three: two: why that’s ten minutes? You can train your day. C24. That’S good workout! It’S all yours! You fresh play!

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