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Boots are necessary footwear for most guys at some point, whether you’re going on a camping trip or working construction. It’s important to find a boot that has the right fit and is comfortable but also durable. Check out the top five brands of boots for men to pick your next pair of rugged footwear.

Carhartt Boots

Carhartt is a well-known brand, and it’s no wonder Carhartt is a popular boot option. Carhartt makes a wide variety of boot styles, so whether you’re playing or at work, you’re sure to find exactly the boot you need (including insulated and waterproof boots). Additionally, Carhartt boots are made out of durable material with the support you need for your feet.


Carolina boots are specifically made to meet the working person’s needs. Carolina also claims a reputation for unrivaled comfort, durability, and flawless performance. Carolina boots are made with industry-specific designs, giving you the quality you need for anything from logging to construction work. Carolina also makes shoes for outdoor sporting, so you’re feet can feel protected and comfortable whatever the scenario.


These boots are designed with outdoor sporting in mind rather than the workplace. You can find insulated boots, hiking or backpacking boots, and even sandals designed specifically for outdoor adventuring. Some features of Hi-Tec boots include a waterproof but highly breathable membrane. Made to handle even the roughest of adventures, these rugged boots will see you through any outdoor sporting.


The Timberland Boot Company’s top priorities are quality, durability, and craftsmanship. These boots are made for general-purpose use, whether you need a pair of boots for farm work or just for your outdoor projects. There are several styles available, all with a classic, age-ripened look that you’ll love. Timberland believes in boots that last, and base many of their styles off of boots form the past.


Wolverine has a wide variety of boots available, from work boots to outdoor boots to casual boots and shoes. Wolverine has a long list of exclusive innovations, including DuraShocks, Fusion 180, and CarbonMAX. You can also find Wolverine boots with a large selection of other features, such as waterproofing, GORE-TEX, Metatarsal Guard, and puncture resistance.


No matter what rugged activity you love or what work environment you have, you’re sure to find exactly the boot to meet your needs when picking from these top five boot brands for men.

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