Top 5 Best Music Streaming Services (2018)

There is no shortage of competition between all the music streaming services. The best service for you will depend on various factors, some of those might include song selection, ease of use, sound quality, and cost. If you feel inclined to use services offered by one of the tech giants like Apple, Google or Amazon, that also may be an important reason when deciding which music service is best for you. Also, having a service that works on your computer, an Android or iOS phone or smart TV might be important to you as well. Keeping all those factors in mind, I will countdown the Top 5 Music Streaming Services. If you’re new, Subscribe! Share This Video Google Play Music Spotify Apple Music Slacker Tidal TechGumbo is a leading source for the technology that we use each day. Whether its discussing computer operating system tricks, the latest tips for your mobile phone, finding out about the newest gadgets, or letting you know about the best services for streaming music, TechGumbo has boundless topics on technology for the astute YouTube viewer.

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