Using Music to Glue your Brain to a Relaxing State | Ataraxia #10 | Relaxing Vs. Distracting Music

——–PRACTICE-ONLY VERSION: (TL;DW?) Suggested Prerequisite for a better understanding: Ataraxia Series #09 (link below) Following are the practices, suggested in this video: ~ When you want to listen to ‘music’ for the purpose of stress-relief, listen to music that is ‘relaxing’. You can listen to the ‘relaxing’ category of music to glue your brain to a relaxed state, so you can calmly and optimistically process your problems and stress, and figure out the purpose and cause of why the stress is there and how to go about dealing with it. ~ (Characteristics of Relaxing Music: i. It should not Grab most of your attention when you listen to it, it should just relax your mind without distracting it. ii. It should be something you like and enjoy listening to. iii. It must NOT have any lyrics to it. iv. It should NOT feel noisy.) ~Music that has lyrics, or any music that grabs most of your attention and shuts your ability to think… comes into the category of ‘distracting’ music. Do not listen to the ‘distracting’ category of music, for stress-relief purposes. It would end up creating more problems for you. Only use the ‘relaxing’ category of music. (Watch the whole video for more in-depth info on the topic!) ——–VIDEO INDEX: The VIDEO INDEX section is in the first comment below. (I can’t put it here because my description cannot be more then 5000 characters) ——–POST-VIDEO DESCRIPTION: I want to take this opportunity to talk a little about the ‘Mozart Effect’. I don’t want to talk about this only because its interesting, but the Mozart effect ties in very well with the concepts I have shared in this video. For those who don’t know what the Mozart Effect is. Its the concept that states, that people who listen to ~Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart~’s music (which is classical), tend to be more intelligent, and tend to have a higher IQ and problem solving abilities. In short term consideration, listening to Mozart’s music temporarily increases the IQ and problem solving abilities of a person who listens to it for a few minutes. But if anyone listens to it often enough (for a long period of time), then displaying intelligence and having high problem solving abilities become habitual. Although this ‘effect’ is seen pretty much in a large range of classical based musical works, its called specifically ‘Mozart’ effect because… it was Mozart’s music that was first used in the studies that were conducted to test this. (And perhaps people wanted his name to live on, so that could have been the reason too.) Since this is an interesting topic, many studies have been done on this. What I want to make a focus of in this little talk of ours, is that studies done with non-classical music (like metal and rock for example), have also shown the ‘Mozart effect’ taking place. So after pondering about this, and trying to connect the proper dots together, I discovered what characteristics, exactly in a music causes the Mozart Effect. I have informed you (on a general level at-least) about those characteristics in this video. Every music, that comes into the category of ‘relaxing’ music as I have defined in this video… CAUSES THE ‘Mozart Effect’. I want you to take a minute to process this… this amazing information! The ‘relaxing’ category of music, will cause Mozart Effect in you if you listen to it. It will boost your problem solving abilities, your IQ, your concentration and focus and your over-all intelligence (whatever type it may be). This practice can not only help you with stress, but your over-all lifestyle and brain-power can be improved with this quite massively. Isn’t that SUPER DUPER AWESOME!? ~I personally listen to the relaxing category of music, pretty much all day long while i’m on the PC (doing studying, researching, working and so forth). I’m listening to em right now infact XD I have been doing this since an year or two, and this is me sharing the compressed form of my experience with this. So thank you for taking the time to watch and read all of this out. *thumbs up* How about I mention the ones I’m listening to as example below? Would that be alright? (I do suggest listening to start listening to these after you completely stop listening to music for 10-20 days.) natural music/sounds work awesome too! (As you may have already realized, I use these type of nature’s music, as the background music in my videos… And now you know why!) Just by typing any sort of genre of music with the word ‘relaxing’, you can find hopefully a vast amount of music to choose from on youtube. So do try and check it out! ~Background loops: by ‘AA VFX’

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